Thursday, July 19, 2007

Action Item: The King Amendment

There are some members of Congress who are attempting to get rid of what is know as the "King amendment" or the "John Doe amendement". The amendment is very likey to pass if it comes to a vote in either the house or Senate. However, there are those who want to kill it in committee before it can come to a vote.

To refresh your memory: Several months ago a group of imams (hence know as the flying imams) behaved in a manner on on a U.S. Ariways flight that other passsengers thought was suspicious. The behavior was reported and the flying imams were eventually removed from the plane. The flying imams later decided to sue the airline and the 'John Doe' passengers who reported them. The essence of the King amendment (so named because it was proposed by Rep. Peter King of New York) is to protect citizens who in good-faith report suspicious behavior.

For more information see Andy McArthy's article. Also Michelle Malkin's blog.

We need to contact our representatives now to make sure this amendment is passed.
Contact Nancy Pelosi, too.

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