Thursday, July 19, 2007

Action Item: Franklin County Criminal Justice Planning Board

On July 11, 2007, FrontPageMagazine posted a very disturbing article regarding the Franklin County Criminal Justice Planning Board. As part of his ‘Hometown Jihad” series, Patrick Poole’s article has brought to public attention the presence of Abukar Arman on the Criminal Justice Planning Board. Who is Mr. Arman and why would his membership on this board be a problem?

It turns out that Mr. Arman, a Somalian immigrant, is quite a fan of the Islamic Courts Union (ICU). The ICU attempted to take over Somalia last year and oust the UN backed government. As the name indicates, the ICU began as dispensers and enforcers of Islamic law (Sharia) in Somalia. During its time in power, the ICU was in the process of imposing strict Sharia on Somalia. Since the ICU has been forced from power it has been discovered that they were fostering terrorist cells. The US State Department believes that the ICU has been controlled by al-Qaeda.

One of the responsibilities of the Franklin County Criminal Justice Planning Board is Homeland Security for Central Ohio. Can we afford to have a board member who appears to approve of having terrorists run Somalia? In other writings, Mr. Arman has shown admiration for terrorists such as Yusuf al-Qaradawi. Mr. Arman’s writings also indicate that he doesn’t think the threat of terrorist activity in the United States is very severe. It seems to me quite imprudent to have this man on a board that oversees Homeland Security.

The Criminal Justice Planning Board is about more than Homeland Security. Part of the board’s responsibility is…. Criminal Justice. Criminal law in the United States of America is based on laws that have been created by duly elected representatives of the citizens of this country. Sharia is not a part of that. Mr. Arman approves of the ICU. The ICU wants to impose Sharia in Somalia. What are Mr. Arman’s thoughts concerning Sharia for the Somali community in central Ohio? Is there a conflict of interest?

While I cannot answer all of the questions I have raised here, I think it is the duty of the Franklin County Commissioners to investigate Mr. Arman’s fitness for the position he holds on the Criminal Planning Justice Board.

Write the commissioners to request an inquiry.

Commissioner Kilroy's Contact Info:
Amy Billerman,
Aide to Commissioner Kilroy

Commissioner Brooks Contact Information:
RJ Sontag,
Aide to Commissioner Brooks

Commissioner Brown's Contact Info:
Laura Stehle,
Aide to Commissioner Brown

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